1. Is your cider pasteurized?

Our cider is UV processed by FDA certified equipment. What that means is that the pathogens in the cider are eliminated through ultraviolet light instead of by heat. We feel that this process retains the fresh flavor of our cider.

2. Can cider be frozen?

Yes cider can be frozen. Just remove about a cup to allow for expansion room. Use within 1 year.

3. How should apples be stored?

To preserve the quality of your apples once you take them home. You should refrigerate them in the plastic bag. Elimination of exposure to oxygen and heat will give your apples the longest shelf life. Varieties vary in shelf life and because our apples are picked at their peak of freshness they should be used as soon as possible.

4. What apples would you recommend for pies?

Please see our Apple Varieties page for more information.  Any of our apples marked “baking” will do, and the more varieties you put in your pie, the more complex the flavor!

5. Can we bring our pets to the orchard?

We unfortunately do not allow pets at our orchard.

6. How long will it take me to go through the maze?

The maze has 3 miles of pathway. The average person will take between 45 – 60 minutes.

7. How scary is the haunted corn maze?

We design the haunting each year to give you a good experience, while we hope that you have a number of good scares our intent is not to overly frighten you. We however do not allow unaccompanied children under the age of 12.

8. What activities are available in November?

The corn maze and pumpkin patch will be available through October 31st. Apple picking will be available through October or as supplies last. Our Barn Yard will close on November 3rd. Our Pumpkin Demolition weekend will be November 2 and 3. Our country store remains open Weds through Sundays until our closing date November 27. The store will be well stocked with apples, pies, donuts, caramel apples and all of the other goodies you have come to expect.

9. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and Master Card and Visa in the store, ticket booth and pick your own apple booth.